Cyber Angels Magazine (10.26.08)
"I think especially singing in live shows differs because there is a lot more noise on stage with an industrial act, often you can hardly hear yourself sing and so on. Also the combination of keyboards and vocals can be hard I guess..."
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ReGen Magazine (1.21.08)
"There are some pretty apocalyptic stories that go throughout our music, and sort of the sense of impending doom, but it's more of an internal doom. It's not 15 minutes 'til the revolution or 30 minutes before I go insane..." (read more)


Alternative Explosion (US)
While the name of this band is obviously a made up word, it should be known that XUBERX is synonymous with high energy, which there is no lack of with these guys.

Chain DLK (US)
Musically I must say that there are light-years between the quality of the EP compared with this album, which can be mainly explained with the grown experience the handle some equipment and the better production of this album.

Grave Concerns (US)
The full-length debut from this East Coast industrial outfit is, if not perfect, at the very least extremely promising. Augmenting a club-friendly electronic sound with a raw industrial vocal delivery and guitars that bring an edge to the synths and drum sequences without overwhelming them, XUBERX deliver an album that brings a touch of rock flavor to the dance floor without letting go of that club-friendly sound.

Sphere Magazine (UK)
This disk comes from three musicians skilled in creating hard Industrial tunes. 'Intelligent Demise' and its synthetic orchestra of sound should see the Washington based act rise up from the underground within their native City as we head into 2009 having already gained critical acclaim and noteable support slots with the likes of Hanzel und Gretyl.

Stomping Squad (France)
What you are stricken by when listening for the first time to XUBERX's INTELLIGENT DEMISE is the absence of any « obvious » root or influence, which is an excellent quality as you know many bands nowadays look alike. They clearly found their way to a very personal music and singing. What particularly seduced me is the use of both the female and male voices, which are very differently dealt with as for the rhythm and tone. They give the impression the tracks are kinda two-speed and that's pretty amazing!

As for the music in itself, the presence of the guitar isn't overwhelming and is interestingly mixed to the other electronic sounds in each track. A large scope of everything is explored in this album. So, to conclude, it's a nice album of variations, if you're bored to hear the same kinda sounds, take some fresh air with XUBERX's INTELLIGENT DEMISE.



Chain DLK
Another debut release out on Radio-Active-Music, this is the first EP of the Baltimore-based trio XUBERX. Consisting of Zomboy (vocals, lyrics, Cheetahdave (programming, synth, guitars) and the female member Liebchen (vocals, lyrics, live-synths), they got announced as being a new member of the Hellectro/Harsh EBM rush. Well, be assured that they don’t have any deeper relation to this genre, the art-typically use of Trance/Techno elements can’t be discovered at this debut EP. While their rough compositions aren’t surely designed to satisfy the faint-hearted, also XUBERX could need a refreshing and update on their used sounds. It isn’t the freshest water in use here, also the slight use of some guitar riffs in the background will be a hard cake to bite for the genre-lovers. “Rogue State” features at all 8 tracks, but 4 of them are different remix contributions on the title track provided by DHARMATA 101, GALVANAX, APATHETIC NEAD and XUBERX themselves. Asides the also featured original version 3 additional tracks are available here. The kind how Zomboy’s vocals got manipulated lefts out some wishes for the use of an effect, which doesn’t sound like speech out of a radio set. The co-vocals of Liebchen for instance are better constituted and the label comrades of DHARMATA 101 have recognized this in their remix of the title track. Also XUBERX themselves can satisfy with their own “Electrogue”-remix, while the drastically instrumental tune “Nuclear Option” scores thanks to its merciless instrumentation. The upper league to reach the hall of fame are still far away for this trio. But it’s a debut and only an EP, so let’s wait for an album to rethink on them...

DJ Kantrip
XUBERX is a new harsh industrial project out of Washington D.C., founded by DJ Cheetahdave.
Rogue State has that quality of dancy industrial that I found in acts like Nitzer Ebb, or Die Warzau. Repetitious beats and rather harsh synths, but elements of melody as well. For example the beats are clear and bouncing and don't sound like someone was beating on the drum machine with a hammer. The vocals are run through a processor, but they aren't distorted screaming. The lyrics have something to say rather than being a litany of political rage, and violent metaphors. There is also a very nice 'live' element to it as well. The remixes on the album take the song "Rogue State" to places that may be considered more 'powernoize' with the 'hammered drum machine' sound to it, and a level of distortion added.
XUBERX is good industrial dance, that's about all that needs to be said. Its clear, clean, angry,stompy and fun. Its not trying to force feed post-apocalyptic tragedy down your throat and makes you want to dance, not start a war. I look forward to hearing a full length from them in the future.