2008 Cheetahdave
Composition, programming, guitars, synths, and sampling, and lyrical contributions
  2008 Liebchen
Synths, vocals, lyrics, and additional programming
  2008 ZØMßØY
Vocals and lyrics

Founded in early 2007, XUBERX was originally intended to be a harsh electro/powernoise project for Baltimore/Washington industrial DJ Cheetahdave. Early in the project, however, those parameters became limiting, both in the need for additional influences in the direction of the project and in the sonic direction it would take. Within a few weeks, ZØMßØY and Liebchen were added as full members of the band.

XUBERX began live shows in June 2007. Well received in those opening performances, XUBERX has continued with additional live dates in an increasing number of locations.

The first XUBERX CD, an 8 track EP called "Rogue State," was completed in the summer of 2007 and released in August of that year by Radio-Active-Music. Featuring remixes of the title track by Galvanax and Dharmata 101, and the production and mastering skills of Jsun Bruner of the latter band, the EP captures the range and potential of the band.

XUBERX finds influences in a broad spectrum of music and bands, but a consensus seems to be that Stromkern and Angelspit have been among the strongest musical influences.

To describe XUBERX’s sound, however, is more difficult. The broad genre of “industrial” music fits well, but no one subgenre truly encapsulates the band. In performances, the band complements its use of synthesizers with live guitar.

XUBERX's members have a solid background in the Baltimore/Washington goth/industrial music scene. Two XUBERX members are well known DJs.

XUBERX's Liebchen has been a resident DJ at Syndrome (DC), Schadenfreude (DC), Midnight (DC), and Ascension (Baltimore, MD), she appears with regular frequency at Chronos (DC), and has also DJ'ed for Midian (DC), The Dawning (Charlottesville, VA), and several events at the increasingly legendary industrial music store Strangeland Records. She was featured at R-A-M's Nuclearfest 2007 near Washington, DC as a DJ. Liebchen secured a collegiate degree in music.

XUBERX's Cheetahave has been a resident DJ for the DC retro-punk night, Skortch. Recent DJ engagements have included Ascension (Baltimore), Midnight (DC), Syndrome (DC), Schadenfreude (DC), and Strangeland Records (VA). He, too, appeared as a DJ at Nuclearfest 2007. He has traded his duties as a former frontman in prior bands, and is the principal composer, programmer, and guitarist.

ZØMßØY is a relative newcomer to bands, but he brings a solid knowledge of industrial music to his performances.

XUBERX uses Nord synthesizers and Schecter guitars.

A full length CD with new material is expected in mid-2008.